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Clarion Housing Group got off to stumbling start after tripping over problems with the repairs service it inherited from Circle Group. The case highlights why consumer regulation still matters, writes Phil Morgan


For the past five years the social housing regulator has been embraced by the Homes and Communities Agency, but a forthcoming review is likely to change that – Phil Morgan offers his take on the background to that change


The physical state of housing is only part of the picture. Shelter’s new Living Home Standard highlights how the insecurity of expensive housing undermines any fitness to be considered a place to call home, writes Phil Morgan


With the move towards ever-larger organizations, Phil Morgan asks if it’s not time to embed tenant scrutiny into housing organisations as a core function of governance


Health and safety of tenants is too important to be left to blind faith in social landlords’ good intentions – it must be retained within a rigorous framework of regulation, writes Phil Morgan


The National Housing Federation (NHF) has been partially vindicated by the vote accepting its proposed voluntary deal on extending Right-to-Buy, writes Phil Morgan, but where that leaves social housing is anybody’s guess


The morning after the sleepless night, Phil Morgan contemplates the implications of yesterday’s Budget for the housing world – expect casualties, he writes


Boards and senior managers need to be on their toes because not only has the regulatory environment for registered providers been toughened up – the regulator has toughed up too, write Phil Morgan


Phil Morgan helped to mark International Tenants Day by chairing a conference discussing how tenants and landlords can work together to further responsible behaviour in the housing sector


In his report into co-regulation, Phil Morgan has provided some sober reading for the sector. Here he explains why it’s time for boards to stop being complacent and to take their role in compliance seriously



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