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New residential scheme in Salford

Salford City Council has granted planning permission to Miller Regeneration, the urban renewal division of Miller Homes and Inspired Developments, the regeneration arm of the Seddon Group, to redevelop and transform a large area of Salford.

The decision was reached following a visit to the former Kersal High School site by local councillors, residents, the development team and the committee panel.

The developers have been granted permission for a total of 230 homes on the 5.9 hectare Brownfield site, which includes a wide range of homes with the emphasis on the provision of family housing. 28 Affordable Homes are to be built on site, some to accommodate the move by local residents affected by demolition elsewhere, in conjunction with Contour Housing Group, Salford City Council and Charlestown & Lower Kersal New Deal for Communities (NDC).

Mike Lewis Managing Director of Miller Regeneration said: “We are absolutely delighted with this decision, it is the culmination of nearly two years of hard work with Salford City Council, the NDC, the Community and our development team. This site will now kick start further regeneration activity for the wider Charlestown and Lower Kersal area.

“We will continue to work with the local community to understand their needs and aspirations as consultation is key to safeguarding future sustainability. The regeneration benefits which this development will bring will help to stimulate the local housing market, provide affordable quality homes for local residents and also attract people from outside of the area to move here.”

The scheme designed by award winning Manchester based architects, Stephenson Bell, consists of a bespoke range of townhouses, detached properties and apartments, which have been carefully planned and designed to achieve a high Eco Homes standard and provide high quality, contemporary living accommodation. The topography of the site, which has terraces and steep slopes, posed a particular challenge to the design team, who have devised exciting split-level house styles with balconies and roof terraces. Most homes will benefit from south facing aspects with dramatic vistas of the Manchester and Salford skylines.

Said Salford City Council leader Cllr John Merry: "These proposals will play an important part in the changing face of Salford. We know our city needs more homes for people new to the city and for young people who live here already and who want to stay in the city, and this development will help deliver some of the quality homes and facilities that local people have told us they want and need. I am delighted to see further progress on another project which demonstrates that Salford is going through colossal change for the better."

The joint developers were selected by the Salford New Deal for Communities as its preferred developer partner in May 2005, to bring forward nearly 2500 new homes in the city’s Charlestown and Lower Kersal area over the next eight- 10 years.

Tim Field, Chief Executive of Charlestown and Lower Kersal New Deal for Communities said: “This is great news for the regeneration of Charlestown and Lower Kersal and is the first major step in the agreement we have with Miller Homes and Inspired Developments to build over 1,000 new homes in the area. Combined with the improvements that have been made to a number of existing homes locally, development at Kersal Heights really will begin to transform the housing market.”

Miller Homes and Inspired Developments plan to start onsite in early 2007.

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