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Painting homes earth-friendly

Homes in North Tyneside will be the first in the country to be decorated with an environmentally-friendly – recycled – brand of paint.

Contractor Kier North Tyneside is using Tynemouth Decorators’ own brand label ‘Earth Friendly Paint’ as it carries out Decent Homes work in 21 homes in the area.

Earth Friendly Paint is manufactured from waste paint originally destined for landfill. It is estimated that there are around 50 million litres of unused paint stored in homes around the UK, most of which will eventually end up in landfill sites. Newlife Paints, which manufactures the recycled paint, reprocesses waste emulsion into a premium quality product which has been awarded Best Recycled Product 2010 at the National Recycling Awards.

Kier North Tyneside operations director, John Norton, said: “It is fantastic that we have been able to adopt a product which is so beneficial to the environment. The impact of our work on the environment is something we monitor very closely. We always try to look at the bigger picture and adopt, wherever possible, the most environmentally friendly way of working.”

This is the first time such a commercially viable recycled paint has been available in the UK and Europe. As with normal commercially available emulsion paint, Earth Friendly Paint can be used on walls and ceilings including dry plaster, woodchip, vinyl, wallpaper and old paint finishes.

Tynemouth Decorators has carried out kitchen and bathroom refurbishments on 21 homes in North Shields, North Tyneside, on behalf of Kier North Tyneside and launched Earth Friendly Paint this year.

The company has been working closely with Newlife, the main manufacturing company, to help formulate and supply important feedback during development of the Earth Friendly Paint brand.

Tynemouth Decorators’ managing director, Steve Hull, said: “There is an ever-increasing demand on all of us to be more ecologically aware and suppliers must be more environmentally sensitive with the products and services they offer. By using waste and leftover paint we are not only able to provide a high-quality, durable range of paints but we will be helping to reduce the environmental impact of our work.”

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