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Poole Council approves plans for first commercially viable regeneration area scheme

A local property developer has secured approval for a proposed residential and commercial scheme in Poole’s regeneration area following a 10-yeat wait.

The proposal put forward by Richard Carr – and given the green light by the council’s planning committee – is said to be the first commercially implementable scheme in the regeneration area.

Carr’s scheme will see 57 apartment’s delivered along with a number of commercial units.

Development for the “landmark” scheme will begin later this year and Carr said he hopes he has set the ball rolling for further growth in the area.

“I’m pleased to have received planning for this development and hope to have now set a trend for more iconic buildings to be delivered along this industrial waterfront. Let’s set Poole apart from competing towns,” he said.

“The good thing about this scheme is that Poole council has allowed us the opportunity to create homes for those who are seeking to get on the housing ladder. Our ‘Studio Pod’ apartments are perfect for first time buyers and will be mixed in with other apartments of varying sizes.”

Poole’s regeneration area is committed to delivering around 2,500 new homes, in excess of 20,000 sqm of new office space and new retail and leisure developments.

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